How to Make Sure You’re Registered and Ready for Election Day

Over the past two years, several states have passed voting laws that may either expand or restrict access based on where you are.

With midterm elections taking place this fall, everyone will be voting on their representative in Congress, and some will be voting for governor and U.S. senator, along with other local and state positions.

Now is the time to make sure that you are still registered and your vote is ready to be counted. Kingston Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has details on making sure you (or a loved one) is set for Election Day.

  1. Monitor Board of Elections Website

Each state has a website where all of the voting information you need is stored, including any changes regarding rules, dates, and polling places. Visit to find yours.

  1. Verify Your Registration

You can usually find the page necessary from your local election office to make sure that you or someone you’re checking on has a registration that’s current and active. There are also deadlines listed in case there’s an issue. Deadlines to register are typically 30 days before an election, but they do vary.

  1. Have Documentation Ready

Your state election website will outline what you will need to have with you in order to cast a ballot on Election Day. Some require identification to be shown, whether that be a driver’s license or voter ID card. The National Conference of State Legislatures has a site that lets you know what the voter ID laws in each state are at

  1. Check Your Early Voting or Absentee Voting Options

Absentee voting (aka vote by mail) and early voting varies not only between states but counties as well. Absentee voting is a great option for those living at long-term care facilities, and early voting is also convenient since you can vote on your time and also not deal with the crowds of Election Day.


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