As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and is expected to be a major part of life into 2021, we are left to try to figure out ways to be social and safe at the same time.
The problem is, everyone’s definition of being safe is different; you might feel it’s okay to go to a friend’s house, but they may not feel comfortable in doing so, and conversely, a friend may invite you to a coffee shop, but you may not think that’s such a good idea. So how can you productively work these issues out and still accomplish the goal of socializing?
Kingston Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing says it’s all about coming to a compromise to make sure everyone feels safe and no one gets offended.

Communicate and Compromise

The important thing to remember is that everyone will have differing opinions on what they need to do to be safe. Some people are naturally more willing to take risks, while others are rule followers by nature. Also, take into account how masks and even the virus itself has become politicized in many parts of the United States.
The key is to be tolerant of others’ opinion on what they feel they need to do during the pandemic. This is the first time that we’re going through something like this, so everyone is going to have their own mindset on how to get through it.

If You’re Invited Somewhere

If you’re invited, be sure to ask questions and relate what’s important to you. Ask who will be there, whether that person is taking precautions, and is there room to social distance or will masks be worn. Communicate your concerns and be sure to offer ideas that might lead to a compromise. Explain to the person that you really want to see them, but you need to feel safe about it.

If You’re Hosting

Go into things with an open mind, and ask your friends what they’re comfortable with. If there are things that you just can’t agree upon, explain that this will be over one day, and you’ll be able to get together then just like you had always used to; and you can always rely on FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or other video-conferencing apps if you need to remain social that way.
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