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The ones who care beyond compare.

Spanning multiple cultures, generations, educational backgrounds and areas of medical expertise, our multilingual team delivers care that’s as human as care gets.

Joseph Kandelman LNHA


Joseph is a firm believer in the connection between a strong team and successful outcomes. “I went into the field of Nursing Home Administration because I love people,” he says, “and I love helping our Residents attain their highest practicable physical, mental and psychosocial well-being in collaboration with our interdisciplinary team.” Every discipline and every staff member makes an important contribution to the facility, and I appreciate each staff member for the work he or she contributes.

Nathan Harari

Associate Administrator

Nathan started as a financial tracker at Centers corporate, but as he loves helping people in need, he welcomed the opportunity to become an Assistant Administrator. “Whether helping residents during mealtime,” he says, making sure that their needs are met, or simply taking them for walk-in their wheelchair, I value my time with our residents.” He also values the dedication and compassion of the Centers team. Nathan is also currently working toward a degree—his goal is to become an Administrator.

Heather Beauchemin

Director of Nursing

Amanda Rigby


Amanda Rigby RD, LDN is the Registered Dietitian at Kingston Center. She is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island’s Dietetic Program and completed her residency in Hickory, North Carolina. Amanda has worked in an array of settings, which has allowed her to expand her knowledge on the impact of nutrition on chronic disease. She is passionate about the positive impacts of good nutrition on one’s physical and mental health, which she shares with our residents at Kingston Center. Amanda works closely with the residents to ensure that their nutrition preferences and needs are met to make them feel at home with their favorite food choices. She enjoys holding meetings with the residents and giving them a say in upcoming menu choices.

Kerinn Kennedy

Director of Recreation

Rebecca Brock

Director of Therapy

Trevor Evens

Maintenance Director

Knowledge is health.

For the absolute highest quality of care, Kingston Center staffs medical providers on each unit who stay in constant communication with leadership throughout the day. Team collaboration is our forte, and this commitment helps us maintain an unbeatable continuum of care.

Our team also works hard to keep therapies as consistent as possible, tracking all communications through an advanced electronic medical record system. This ensures immediate transmission of information across the entire care network.

Coronavirus Update

Please click here for important information regarding vaccinations.

Per updated and revised Department of Health guidance, we are happy to inform all our families, friends, and loved ones that the facility is able to accommodate visitors. Please be advised that COVID-19 precautions remain in place, and visits will need to be scheduled due to infection control and space constraints.

Please bear with us as we endeavor to keep you and your loved one safe and healthy.

A comprehensive visitation plan is located at the facility.

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